The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploit it as an OPPORTUNITY.

- Peter Drucker
Lessons from this mornings surf session... Dec 19, 2022

Lessons from this morning's surf session.

Welcome to this little video of this life.

My name is Tom Rolley from System IO, being out surfing this morning, you can see the board just there.

And look, the winds have been not great, the waves were not great, but my lesson was awesome.

Why? Well, my...

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Details matter!! Dec 18, 2022

So one of the rules of Wake Up Warrior is details matter.

My name is Tom from System IO and just been working on my property.

We've got two acres here in Birkenhead in New South Wales, Australia.

Two acres, the dream, you know, like, lot of people like, Gee, I just wish I could get two acres and...

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Fail faster. Dec 17, 2022

So let's talk about failing faster.

Because this is a bit awkward, it's a bit awkward to talk about failure and things that didn't work.

And having the courage to take a step into a likely failure.

This has come up for me a couple of times now.

I went ahead, and I'm like, You know what, I know...

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Fog of business... Dec 16, 2022

By the fog of business, this is an interesting idea that you're blind to what's actually happening.

Day to day in your business, not only day to day, but week to week, month to month, the work of your business is not clear.

It's not clear what's getting done.

It's not clear what should be getting...

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Magic Board vs Kanban Dec 15, 2022

Magic board versus Kanban had an interesting experience, I put out the magic board to my buddies, and two very different experiences.

One was like, Oh my God, of course, this totally makes sense.

I get it, I get it, I get it.

The other one was like, can we use Kanban?

And I'm like, You know what,...

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Why not anxious? That's a mess brother! Sep 18, 2022

Thomas Rolley  00:00


One of the anxious Dude, that's a mess.

Hey, check this out.

I'm just in our cottage.

And it's looking pretty empty.

My voice is pretty echoey in here.

Normally this furniture and everything.

But now we've got a lot of empty rooms and my say, Why is this...

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What happens when you can't find team to work in your business? Sep 06, 2022

Thomas Rolley  00:00

Question for you.

What happens when you can't find any team to work in your business? This is unfortunately no longer an academic question, per se, this isn't like something that you might be dealing with this is definitely happening across the board.

At least in...

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Should you track the location of your work? Sep 04, 2022

Thomas Rolley  00:00

Should you track the location of your work? This is an interesting question.

And it follows from yesterday's session where we were discussing the differences between a kanban style tracking of work and a spreadsheet-style.

So if you haven't seen that, you might want to...

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Project management: Kanban vs Spreadsheet SAAS. Sep 03, 2022

Thomas Rolley  00:00

Project Management Kanban versus spreadsheet style Software as a Service.

So this is an interesting dilemma that you're going to face, which is how do you manage the work of your business? How do you deal with all of the moving parts of stuff that's going to get done?


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Dangers of Minimum Viable products... Aug 30, 2022

Thomas Rolley  00:00

The dangers of minimum viable products.

Now, this is an interesting conversation. Let me just adjust the camera a little bit.

I've just been on two adventures into minimum viable.

And one of the big takeaways is setting at the beginning what the minimum is.

Because it is...

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Rigid systems vs flexible frameworks... Lessons from Keith Cunningham. Aug 23, 2022

Thomas Rolley  00:01

rigid systems versus flexible frameworks lessons from the master Keith Cunningham, who was driving in the car today listening to a wonderful book. If you are in business and you haven't got this book, then my strong recommendation is that you acquire it.

And my thoughts,...

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Stop recreating the same work over and over! Aug 22, 2022

Thomas Rolley  00:00

Stop recreating the same work over and over.

So I'm building a funnel for a buddy of mine; we are doing a live workshop in Maui.

It's called Bhaktiatsu live on Maui.

And there are only eight spots for those taken right now or two more likely to confirm.

So there are like...

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